My chances for scholarship (also see how others are doing).

This quiz tests your chances for scholarship and answers the most important questions about winning international scholarships at the end of the session. This program uses verbal fluency test in ENGLISH AS YOUR SECOND LANGUAGE. Verbal fluency tests examine the ability to retrieve the sound forms of words from the mental lexicon.

  1. Your name (or nickname):

  2. Where did you graduate from school (city, country):

  3. Your mother tongue (first language):

  4. Your education:

  5. Your big dream:

  6. Your monthly income (in US dollars):

  7. Your age:

  8. Your sex:

  9. Why should we select you not someone else?

  10. Why do you want to study in this country?

  11. Why have you chosen this field of study?

    because this study will help me to success in my career.

  12. Your plans after graduation:

  13. Have you ever worked on a research project?