Journal of Language Policy and Multilingualism

A template for research articles (by Askar Mambetaliev, Nov.20, 2019).

Just answer to the following questions and get your article instantly!

I strongly recommend to prepare your answers using MS Word and then copy & paste in the fields below.

Warning! Your answers will fade away after closing your browser!

Step 1. Write here your main research question:

Step 2. Explain here why is your research question important:

Step 3. Why is your research question useful?

Step 4. Why is your research question novel?

Step 5. Why is your research question interesting?

Step 6. What has already been done by other researchers in your chosen topic?
Write references in parentheses! Example:(Mambetaliev, Smith, & Sue, 2019, p. 182).

Step 7. When was the data collected?

Step 8. Who were involved in data collection process (participants and/or other people):

Step 9. Why have you chosen your method(s) for data collection (usually data are collected using one of the following methods: interviews, surveys, questionnairs, observations, document anlysis, historical-structural analysis, interpretive analysis, text-analysis, ethnographic studies, study of public signs, case studies, statistical methods, experimental methods, comparative studies and tests.)?

Step 10. Write your data (only numbers and texts! You will attach graphs, tables and images after you get your first draft; no descriptions, interpretion or evaluation!):

Step 11. Briefly describe what you have collected (your data):

Step 12. Interprete you data:
Tell readers what do your numbers or other information mean..

Step 13. Discuss your data referring to your answers in the previous steps:

Step 14. Write your conclusion(s):

Step 15. Give a short but comprehensive title for your article:

Step 16. Attach a bibliography.
APA format structure: Author, A. (Publication Year). Article title. Periodical Title, Volume(Issue), pp-pp.