My chances for scholarships (also see here how others are doing).

This 5-minute quiz evaluates your chances for scholarships and answers the most important questions about studying abroad. Please remember: your honest and comprehensive answers will increase the accuracy of evaluation of your chances!

  1. Your name (or nickname):

  2. Your age:






  3. Your sex:



  4. What is the position of your mother tongue in your country:

    The most popular language

    Second popular language

    Third popular language

    Fourth popular language

    Fifth or least popular language

  5. Your education:

    Masters or PhD(English speaking countries)

    Masters or PhD (Other countries)

    Bachelor (English speaking countries)

    Bachelor(Other countries)

    High School (English speaking countries)

    High School (Other countries)

    No education

  6. Your long-term plan:

    I will definitely return to my country

    Probably, I will return after my studies

    I have no long term plan yet

    Probably, I will try to find a job in a developed country

    I've made a firm decision to emigrate from my country

  7. Why should we select you not someone else?

    because I am the best

    because I enjoy learning my chosen field

    because I want meet expectations of my mentors and parents

    because my country urgently needs in specialists in this area

  8. Why do you want to study in this country?

    because the scholarship gives me a chance to study in this country.

    because this country has good education programs for my future career.

    because education and research in my country is not as good as in this country.

    because study abroad has always been in my plans.

  9. Your program of study:




  10. Your field of study (select the closest field):

    Math, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology

    Computer Sciences, Programming

    History, Philosophy, Sociology

    Politics, International Relations

    Theology, Religion

    Linguistics, Languages

    Health, Pharmacy

    Country Studies

    Technical Sciences



    Animal sciences

    Food related studies

    Education, Teaching

    Architecture, Construction

    Other sciences